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Stella Clip, Hat Clip

Stella Clip, Hat Clip

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The Stella Clips are made from prime, South African leathers. All leathers are A-grade quality and ethically sourced. We use neodymium magnets in the The Stella Clips. Despite being so strong, they’re also lightweight, which is how the clip can be used for so many clever things! FYI - these magnets are also used for wound healing, insomnia even headaches (and lots more!) But don’t swallow - please! 

 The Stella Clips are handmade in Cape Town, South Africa. That means that each clip is unique and made with love by one of our team members. It also means that each clip will look slightly different. That’s pretty cool - we think!

There are no materials that The Stella Clip can’t handle. Wood, paper, plastic, metal, fabric, glass - did we forget anything? Well, even if we did, we feel pretty confident The Stella Clip can handle that too!

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