Collection: The Evolution 23

We are always seeking ways to re-invent the art of hat-wearing. 

More and more, this age-old craft has been relegated to a portion of nostalgia; whether it was ouma’s hats to complement her Sunday’s best at church or the sun-hats that we wore as kids on the beach - hats have always been essential to our experiences. We want hats to be more than just a memory. As a brand, Crystal Birch is our way of committing to millinery and its incredible ability to translate into new and contemporary contexts.

The question we most often get asked is ‘where do I wear my hat?’

We are here to share our vision of hat-wearing in our latest trans-seasonal collection as a guide to situate you, your hats and experiences in real time - but, as always, we are doing it with a twist. 

So, we introduce you to…our Evolution!

 As we say, there’s a hat for every occasion; you just have to know which ones.

The Evolution 23