Kids remind us of all that is pure and playful. Witnessing my own daughter, Anouk, explore her inquisitive nature and make bold steps forward in her little life inspires me to return back to the reason I love hat-making. 

Millinery has given me a channel through which all my design eye & spirit can take form - but sometimes, I find a roadblock in the seriousness that adults tend to demand! Launching our MINI collection is a love-letter to mamas and babas that in the midst of life’s whirlwind, going back to our wonder and joy is critical. This collection is also a reminder to myself to take risks, to trust and continue to build a space in which everyone is welcome - from the youngest members of the world, right through to our elders. 

MINI is the outcome of my need to play again - in between the necessity there is for seasonal best-sellers and relentless trends - it shows that all of us need to have fun and colour weaving through our everyday life. Becoming a mama is the greatest inspiration of my life; and I know I am not alone in this experience. 

The MINI campaign features Anouk and I alongside two other creatively brilliant mamas - Zizipho Poswa and her daughter Iyana, and Rolanda Marais and her daughter Charlotte. These women encourage me everyday in both my endeavors as a mother and artist - and as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. We also welcomed little Frans dressed up as an elderly man; a nod to how children learn through mimicking and playing dress-up. Alongside chairs from Wiid Design and my own sponge chair, created as a commentary on naive playful furniture and how close the line is between contemporary artworks and childlike imagination, I wanted this collection to connect us back to who we all once were - young kids bursting with hopes and dreams. May we never lose sight of this.

The hats featured are of course scaled to smaller sizes and are an array of our most treasured fabrication at Crystal Birch - felt, straw, nettex and rafia material and paper panama.

We invite you into Crystal Birch’s MINI world, launching at Kamers Blaauwklippen 23 - 27 March 2022.



Photographer - Jacobus Snyman, HMU - Gareth Coleman, Stylist - Carla Vermaak ,Frans - My friend Ned , Chairs - Wiid Design
Fifi, Straw Boater With Feathers, MINI
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Palm Fedora, MINI
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Straw Fez, MINI
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